Code talker : a novel about the Navajo Marines of World War Two
By Bruchac, Joseph, 1942-
A bear in war
By Innes, Stephanie.
FAMILY PICKS TO GO. Let's learn about refugees
War stories
By Korman, Gordon,
Masters of silence
By Kacer, Kathy, 1954-
Remembering John McCrae : soldier, doctor, poet
By Granfield, Linda.
The princess dolls
By Schwartz, Ellen, 1949-
The eleventh hour
By Goldstyn, Jacques,
Sergeant Billy : the true story of the goat who went to war
By Messier, Mireille, 1971-
If you plant a seed
By Nelson, Kadir,
Sidewalk flowers
By Lawson, JonArno,
A poppy is to remember
By Patterson, Heather, 1945-