The courage to be disliked : the Japanese phenomenon that shows you how to change your life and achieve real happiness
By Kishimi, Ichiro,
Five-minute relationship repair : quickly heal upsets, deepen intimacy, and use differences to strengthen love
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Getting relationships right : how to build resilience and thrive in life, love, and work
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How to be an adult in relationships : the five keys to mindful loving
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The zen of you and me : a guide to getting along with just about anyone
By Musho Hamilton, Diane
Setting boundaries will set you free : the ultimate guide to telling the truth, creating connection, and finding freedom
By Levin, Nancy, 1965-
Detox your thoughts : quit negative self-talk for good and discover the life you've always wanted
By Bonior, Andrea,
Joy on demand : the art of discovering the happiness within
By Tan, Chade-Meng,
When things fall apart : heart advice for difficult times
By Chödrön, Pema